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We will find what you can't

Throughout the modern history, the development achieved by the defense and aerospace industry has much contributed to forging the modern technology. We now can go to the places we could only dream of and see things we couldn’t even imagine existing.

Rapid Networks is proud of taking part of this exciting field of industry and committed to delivering the best quality products and the optimal R&D solution to you. Our procurement service marks the highest rate of turn-out giving you the fast turnover business operation. Our service capability is not limited to procuring items, but extends to product development for those whose requirement cannot be accommodated with off-the-shelf provision.


Procurement Service

Rapid Networks has established a strong business ties with over 350 manufactures and their authorized vendors. The sheer number of the list, the majority of which are the worldly renown makers in defense and aerospace industry, makes us possible to locate and deliver virtually any products you request.

Industry leaders that trust and rely on our service:

  • Dongjin Electric & Machinery

  • Doosan Mottrol

  • Firstec Co, LTD

  • Hana Syscom

  • Hanwha Land Systems

  • Hyundai J-Com

  • Korea Aerospace Industries

  • LIG NEX1

  • Samyung ENC

  • Youngpoong Electronics

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